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When we talk about the 80’s, what is the first thing that pops to our mind? I can say that I vividly remember the days where hairdo has got nothing to do with the type of hair treatment you put on your crown. Scruffy looking is the norm, with the out of bed look is the choice of everyone. One can argue that maybe the cosmetic industry was just reaching its infancy at the time or we can all agree that we like it easy back then.

Slash of Gun's N Roses

Slash of Gun's N Roses

(not to be mistaken with Man Kidal of Malaysia)

80’s is the time of discovery. We have our first taste of personal computers, saw E.T in 1982, get glued to our television sets (no cable - missed a show and it’s a goner) and many more achievements that I can list here but of course you can make a thesis out of it yourselves.

For me it all boils down to only one reason. I was born in the 80’s. I was a kid living in the 80’s. As much as I wanted to be in that moment again - being a kid and living a carefree world, I knew for a fact that we cannot reverse time itself (note to myself : revise someday when boffins do invent time travel).

What we do have is those fond memories encapsulated in pictures, memorabilia, albums etc. Most of them perished with time but many survive as well. Things are made to last in the 80’s. Even for small thing such as toys which are made of steel and conceivably you can whack it on someone you distaste and walk away still intact. That is how tough they are, the toys I mean.

One day I was cleaning my house when it comes to my attention that I have found my old stash of toys from my earlier days. As I see it, rather letting them rot and wither; perhaps I can show them to the younger generations and along the way tickle their imaginations as well. For the older ones, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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